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■THE・3RD PLANET × Maghreb


Thanks to the cooperation of a number of local companies and residents, one of the largest arcades in the Tama Center area was fully opened as planned on November 10, 2012 as a new business of Yunika Corp. We will remain committed to the revitalization of Tama Center by further expanding the business with our elite employees, who have learned intricate know-how from the basics and with whom the operation of our businesses can be trusted. What we envision through daily business operations is the smile on the customers’ faces. We will strive to contribute to the local community through community-based corporate activities by promoting heart-warming communications with local residents with a congenial smile on our faces. Focusing on providing the customers with opportunities to smile by offering comfortable spaces and warm services desired by them, we will continue working vigorously towards an aim of making the place an arcade loved by everyone. We should like to express our heartfelt gratitude to many companies and local residents of the Tama Center area that participated in the opening.


 The arcade “THE 3RD PLANET x Maghreb” is one of the largest of its kind in the Tama Center area occupying the entire second and third floors of Maghreb Building. The open ceiling part from the second to the fifth floors gives the place a sense of space and is commended by many customers. There are approximately 180 game machines available in a wide variety, which corresponds to one of the largest in scale in the area. In the photo booth corner, in particular, a female-only “relaxing powder room” is provided to offer unique in-store services. We request you will favor “THE 3RD PLANET x Maghreb” as the latest game machines continue to be introduced in the spacious store and all of our staff continues our quest for an arcade where all can enjoy at ease.

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THE・3RD PLANET × Maghreb

2F,3F Tama Center Maghreb Bldg., 1-39-2 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo
【Business hours】10:00~24:00

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