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Chitoseya Management Department Floor Manager    Yutaka Katanuma

Farmer's Market Chitoseya was established in March 1992 with the motto of 'supporting the dinner tables of our customers' . Always keeping in mind to put customers first and to carry out our community-based principle, we put our efforts into daily store operations In order to satisfy our customers, we of course focus on selling at lower prices, as well as continually providing safe and secure products through careful selection in quality, freshness and assortment. Unlike large chain supermarkets, we bring our strength to the fore of being able to think outside the box and continually take on new challenges based on our confidence built upon accumulated experience as we always keep in mind to conduct store management with our customer's needs as our priority. Again, following our community-based principle, we regard accessibility an important factor, such as utilizing station front locations, and we are also involved with various endeavors to enliven the locality together with customers, such as actively participating in community events. Working outward from existing stores, we will continue to further store developments to spread our support of the dinner table to more customers, to heighten our professionalism and not become self-satisfied in the present, and maintain our challenging spirit without fear of failure to further advance.

Chitoseya Management Department Cashier    Momoka Abe

I joined the company in April 2013, and was assigned to the cashier department for the Chitoseya supermarket. The cashier department is, of course, involved with the scanning of the products our customers are purchasing and checking out the transaction amount. Simultaneously, we are involved with service counter operations as the promotional face for the supermarket. Everyday, we put our efforts into delivering a pleasant shopping experience for all of our customers. For our elderly customers or those who may require assistance, we do our best to provide support, such as finding and retrieving the products they need. As our department directly interacts with customers, we do receive many requests. At times, it can become overwhelming, but being able to directly see the direct response of our customers also motivates us in our work. Providing the best products, best shopping experience and best service to our customers is the Chitoseya management philosophy. In efforts to realize this philosophy, I try to be observant within the everyday series of trial and error, and report any findings to my superior. I find it rewarding when my efforts are immediately reflected in store operations, which also correlates to my own improvement. My aspiration is to become a reliable presence to as many customers as possible, and to increase the number of convenient and enjoyable supermarkets for many more people.

Fitness Club Management Department Deputy Chief    Hirofumi Suzuki

I joined the company in October 2007 as a training instructor employee for the Fitness & Spa Maghreb. On site, I was involved with customer services, in charge of studio lessons and personal training menus, and have served in the various posts of chief instructor and club manager. Presently, while conducting department operations and management as the general manager of the Fitness Department, I am also in charge of senior classes and athlete kids classes. My aspiration, or my mission, is to guide the people of the Tama Center area to integrate exercise within their lifestyle in order to achieve the physical health they wish for. Also, in fitness training, I find it important to serve beginners first who are exercising in earnest for the first time. I make certain to explain precisely what will be involved to eliminate any anxiety, and help find a way to continue with exercises in the long-run without unnecessary stress. From on-site work to managing positions, during the various stages of my career as a Fitness Department employee, I have found that by interacting and building relations with people, we can provide an added value to customers, and in turn, we are able to receive their continued business as club members. I aim to continue operations setting the standard for comprehensive fitness club management that is outstanding in both facility and in human resources, and put my best efforts into fulfilling the Fitness Department's mission.

Fitness Club Management Department Maghreb Est Manager    Ryuji Kori

I joined a large-scale fitness club as a fitness trainer at the age of 20, and served in various posts as chief, manager, director and head of the business development office. With the Maghreb Est opening in 2015, I joined the present Yunika company. After joining the company, I made it my goal to conduct active work rooted in the Tama Center community to enable the safe and healthy upbringing of children. Of course including safety management, I also carefully selected program trainers and prepared an environment where customers could receive guidance from world champion-class and Japan's top-level professionals. Furthermore, we are also involved in creating community-building environments, such as a 'hot yoga studio', 'bouldering facility', and an 'artificial turf field where everyone can run around barefoot' where family and friends can gather. We have only just begun operations, but thankfully, we have already received numerous customers and the facility has become a lively place full of smiles. Maghreb Est aims to go beyond the standard fitness club. Apart from home, the school or the office, we will continue to develop as the third place to go for our customers and put our efforts into becoming another lifeline.

Fitness Club Management Department Training Instructor    Suzuka Sekiguchi

My work involves introducing customers on how to use the fitness machines and giving lessons. My main role is the maintenance of pool lessons and heading the various training menus. Often times, I am consulted by customers of their physical concerns, so I keep in mind to provide guidance that does not put unnecessary strain on either body or mind, and make sure of safe usage by helping to correct their form while exercising. It's a very rewarding feeling when customers I have worked with come tell me that their knees no longer hurt or they feel livelier and don't tire as much as before. I feel so happy for them. Through my work in customer services, I now have more questions on the why and how. This growing interest expanded my scope, and I feel I have been involved in work with more enthusiasm than I held before. Now, I make it a point to update my knowledge on a daily basis in order to help bring out the smiles of as many customers as possible. Including being assigned to head training, with the gradual increase of responsibility in my duties, I now consider a way to build a motivational workplace environment for the staff. We have formed a hospitality team within our department, putting our efforts into improving the workplace environment. Presently, my aim is to structure our efforts into an organized system.

Fitness Club Management Department Front Desk    Minami Kawahara

I am in charge of overall front desk operations and give lessons as a studio instructor. My main role is to operate the front desk, welcome customers and checking them in, then checking them out to see them off. In my role as an instructor, I teach studio lessons in yoga and dances, conveying the joys of maintaining health. When introducing or explaining the facility at the front desk, or when conducting lessons, I always keep in mind to do so coherently so that anybody, from small children to elderly customers, can easily understand the content. Another vital point is never cutting corners and to put in all of my effort into what I do. Also, with my work placing me in front of people, building a good first impression has become important as well. By maintaining good posture and keeping a smile on my face, the outward positivity has also had a positive effect mentally, and with a forward-thinking attitude, I find more enjoyment in daily life. Giving a cheerful welcome to our customers, I hope to prepare a more readily accessible environment to encourage the continual use of our facilities, and I hope to help build and maintain the health of our customers. In the future, I hope to become a top-level studio lesson instructor in Japan, and help promote the fun in exercising and the joys to be felt by maintaining a healthy body to many more people.

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